Canadian PM tours China hoping to increase trade


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper began five-day visit to China to strengthen longstanding ties between the two countries and set a direction for future Canada-China relations.

This is Harper’s first visit to China since President Xi Jinping took office two years ago. The Prime Minister has three priorities on his five-day trip: Increased trade, improved bilateral relations on world issues, and building a rapport with the Chinese president.

Harper cut short his appearance at the APEC meeting in Beijing to observe Remembrance Day in Canada after the recent attacks on Canadian soldiers in Ottawa.

China is Canada’s biggest trade partner after the United States with trade reaching more than $73 billion last year. The APEC meeting will see world leaders compete in Beijing for Chinese connections and ultimately trade. Harper hopes this trip will give Canada a much-needed head start.

CCTV America’s Kristiaan Yeo reports.
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