Malian town under Ebola surveillance

Ebola Outbreak

The western town of Kayes is known by some as the pressure cooker of Africa as a result of its oppressive heat. At the moment, however, Kayes is feeling a different kind of pressure resulting from the possibility of Ebola breaking out in Mali.

“We have specialists observing them for 21 days and if there are no symptoms we will let them go,” said Namory Camara, assistant director general of Foussenyni Daqu Hospital.

Two weeks ago, Mali recorded its first Ebola case from a little girl who traveled over the border from Guinea to the capital Bamako, and from there to Kayes. She died in the town’s hospital.

The 79 people that had contact with her, or had contact with someone who had contact with her, are under quarantine.

CCTV America’s Robert Nagila reported this story from Kayes, Mali.

Sierra Leone still struggling to combat Ebola

One small neighborhood in Freetown, Sierra Leone is trying to get back on its feet as the Ebola death toll continues to rise. CCTV America’s Nina deVries reported this story from Freetown.