Game Changer Javier Lozano fights diabetes epidemic in Mexico

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Game Changer Javier Lozano fights diabetes epidemic in Mexico

In Mexico, diabetes is an epidemic. It affects almost 50 percent of the Mexican population. It is partially caused by the fact that 30 percent of the country is obese.

A lack of exercise, finances and healthy eating options contribute to the issue. Tens of thousands of Mexicans die each year because they cannot afford proper care for diabetes.

Game Changer and social entrepreneur Javier Lozano is working to fix that. He is the founder of Clinicas de Azucar, or Sugar Clinics. By bringing in a high volume of patients and using new technology, he’s able to reduce fees and costs for those who suffer from diabetes.

The entrepreneur spent time in the Sierra Tarahumara, an impoverished region with little or no access to health care professionals, in order to figure out what the people of Mexico actually need in a treatment facility. He emerged with the understanding that most require a place that serves as a “one-stop shop” for basic health care needs and provides a low cost for treating diabetes.

Meet Game Changer Javier Lorenzo who is putting people back in control of their lives, one clinic at a time.