Conference promotes knowledge sharing among developing nations

World Today

Hundreds of representatives from the southern hemisphere of the world gathered in the United States today to discuss ways to improve the lives of developing nations through sustainable agriculture. CCTV America’s Frances Kuo reported this story from Washington D.C.

The idea behind the initiative is to create mutually beneficial relationships among developing nations in the southern hemispheres. By sharing knowledge, technology and resources, they hope to create sustainable infrastructures everywhere.

Nearly 700 people attended the conference, led by Festus Akinnifesi, chief of South-South Cooperation for the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

“You’re actually building on what actually already exists in other countries,” Akinnifesi said.

The program shares knowledge that one country has developed with other nations. For example, Akinnifesi highlighted a farming technique that China where fish are raised in paddies that grow rice, all at the same time.

“This man was itinerant farmer could not make ends meet for the year. But through South-South Cooperation, he was able to learn through the expats, the technologies of rice-fish culture, he now has four fish ponds today, he’s bought four motorcycles, he has built a house,” Akinnifesi said.