China’s military to focus on more int’l cooperation, crisis management

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China’s military will strengthen its crisis management procedures and expand regional cooperation, said Chinese Defense Minister and State Councilor Chang Wanquan at an international forum on defense and security. CCTV America’s Han Bin reported this story from Beijing.

China\'s military to focus on more int\'l cooperation, crisis management

China's military will strengthen its crisis-management procedures and expand regional cooperation. That's the word from Defense Minister Chang Wanquan. He was speaking at an international forum on defense and security in Beijing. CCTV America's Han Bin reported from the forum.

The forum serves as a platform for scholars and decision makers to better understand People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) strategy. China has has recent disputes with some nations in the Asia-Pacific region and the PLA is stressing controlling potential crises through improved management and compromise through dialogue and cooperation.

“We call for the further strengthening of dispute management procedures to improve our ability to cope with crises. We believe that disputes should be resolved through negotiations with full respect to historical facts and international law,” said Chang at the Xiangshan Forum on defense and security.

Part of the new strategy is a more scientific approach to crisis management, as well as increased joint exercises to improve coordination with other countries. The PLA has already established consultation agreements with 30 other armies around the world and a notification mechanism of major military activities with the U.S. military. It will open defense lines with ASEAN countries.

“China wants to be a provider of security goods to the international community,” said Zhao Xiaozhuo, Senior Research Fellow at PLA Academy of Military Science.

China is also increasing its transparency in its strategic intentions with other nations to reduce miscalculations and expand cooperation, added Yin Zhuo, a senior adviser at the China Institute of International Strategic Studies.

China has also been taking on more humanitarian assistance operations by contributing more peacekeeping troops worldwide.

“The world is watching the modernization of Chinese military with a lot of interest. As an instrument of national power, they are major stakeholders in peace and security,” said B.K Sharma, head of the Center for Strategic Studies in India.

Thai Chief of Defense forces, Gen. Worapong Sanganetra also said China has significant influence in the region, which affects regional security.