High tech cars take it to the next level at LA auto show

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Carmakers are also advancing their ideas for what the future of commuting may look like and showing off their latest high tech. CCTV America’s Yakenda Mcgahee reported this story from Los Angeles.

The Toyota Mirai, a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle actually power a home.

“This vehicle could actually be lifesaving. In the event of a loss of power you can actually plug this vehicle in your home and it could actually power your home for up to a week,” said Toyota Product Specialist Maggie Clark.

In the future, people’s cars could be controlled by the elements and powered by paint that’s fueled by the sun. That’s the idea behind the Mercedes Benz G-Code, a hydrogen-electric hybrid concept vehicle coated in multi-voltaic paint that acts as a solar panel. And while the sun powers the car, the wind electro-statically charges the battery.

Toyota has imagined the future of driving with the FV2 it’s sort of a cross between a Segway and a luge. This electric autonomous vehicle connects emotionally to the occupant, reflecting their mood and sometimes their image on the outside of the car.

Another new item is an electric two-seater Toyota I-Road that is already being tested on the streets of Japan and slated for a car-sharing program in France.