China donates $6 million to UN’s Ebola response fund

Ebola Outbreak

China has donated $6 million to the U.N. Ebola Trust Fund. U.N. officials say the donation will help the fight against the epidemic and provide aid to affected countries.

China’s Minister of Commerce signed the donation agreement to the fund that ultimately aims to raise $1 billion for the U.N. mission for Ebola emergency response that works to unite global efforts to kill the virus and help the affected communities recover.

“We’re very pleased with the donation that China is providing, and it will go a long way to help West Africa deal with the key issues facing the mission,” said Alain Noudehor, The U.N. resident coordinator in China.

The donation to China’s fourth to help fight Ebola. Since its outbreak, China has spent $122 million in emergency aid to West Africa. Prior to this recent donation, China built a 100-bed Ebola treatment center in Liberia, the country that has been the most affected by Ebola.

The center was opened on Nov. 25 and China has deployed 200 medical staff to work there, said Zhang Xiangchen, China’s assistant minister of commerce.

Aid agencies see some success in Ebola fight in Liberia

In Liberia, aid agencies are reporting some success at combating the Ebola virus. Initially, the country was the hardest hit with significant infections and numerous deaths. CCTV America’s Angelo Coppola reported this story from the country’s capital, Monrovia.

Kevin De Cock director of the U.S. CDC’s mission in Kenya, said that with eight laboratories throughout Liberia, there is adequate support. He also said that there is increased efforts to transport specimens by road and air.

“I’m confident that anywhere in this country quite soon should be able to get a Ebola lab result of very high quality within 24-hours,” De Cock said. Another pressing issue is how to get test results from the specimens.