Chinese factory sees brisk business in making Ebola suits


A factory in east China’s Shangdong province is working at full capacity to make protective suites for medical workers combating the Ebola virus. CCTV America’s Ning Hong reported this story from Anqiu, China.

Workers at the U.S. based Lakeland Industries factory in China check yellow suits multiple times before they are packed and shipped to West Africa. Any small flaw could mean a life and death for the wearer.

“The fabric needs to meet the requirement of European and US standards on protection against infectious agents,” said Kevin Zheng, director of sales and marketing, Asia Pacific, for Lakeland industries. “The construction of the suits needs to be tape sealed. This is in case virus or body fluids permeate through the garments.”

The factory, built in 1996, manufactures safety garments for the healthcare sector and other industries.

“We have different types depending on the working environment and applications, it also depends on chemicals that may be exposed to workers and wearers,” Zheng said. “In the case of Ebola, we feel type four is good enough, also the fabric are in accordance with the European CE and American’s standards. We have products for higher level using different fabrics. This is classified between a medium to high level.”

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