Test your Cuba knowledge



How well do you know how Cuba compares to other countries? Test your knowledge about the island nation in this quick, five-question quiz.

All data are most recent available information from the World Bank.

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Q1: Income

At $5,050 per person per year, Cuba is actually in the top half of countries when it comes to GDP per capita, ranking 78th in the world. It’s GDP per capita is closest to Khazakstan at $5,015. The U.S. ranks 11th at $44,342 and China is 100 at $3,122 a person.

Q2: Jet setters

In terms of international tourism, Cuba saw $2.61 billion in tourism revenue in 2012. For comparison: Jamaica: $2.07 billion; Aruba: $1.4 billion; and Iceland: $865 million.

Q3: Women in politics

Cuba has one of the most gender-diverse governments in the world with 48.9 percent of national parliamentary seats held by women. Cuba has the third-highest number of female lawmakers, behind Rwanda (63.8 percent) and Andorra (50 percent). The U.S. ranks 101st in the world at 18.3 percent.

Q4: In the army

In Montenegro in 2012, 4.8 percent of the labor force were in the armed forces. In Cuba, that rate was 1.4 percent. For comparison: Chile: 1.25 percent; Vietnam: 0.98 percent. The countries with the largest proportion of the labor force in the military are Iraq and the DPRK — both are in the 9 percent range. The U.S. rate is 0.94 percent, and China is 0.38 percent.

Q5: Living longer

Worldwide, men can be expected to live the longest in Iceland, where average life expectancy is 81.6 years. The shortest is in Sierra Leone, at just over 45 years old. Cuba ranks in the top quartile at 77.1 years, which is closest to Slovenia’s (77.1 years). In China men have a life expectancy of just under 74 years, and in the U.S. they have and average expectancy of 76.4 years.