Photos: 10 years after Indian Ocean tsunami

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THAILAND-MYANMAR-TSUNAMI-ANNIVERSARY-MIGRANTSIn this picture taken on December 1, 2014, Myanmar national of Nepali origin Depa Dhaurali cries in her home as she recalls the events of the 2004 tsunami, holding a picture of her mom and dad during an interview with AFP in Phuket. A decade after towering waves wrenched her newborn baby from her arms, Mi Htay remains haunted by memories of the children she lost in the tsunami whose bodies, like hundreds of other Myanmar migrants in Thailand, were never identified. AFP PHOTO / Nicolas ASFOURI

As part of solemn commemorations of the tsunami in 2004 , survivors, government officials, diplomats and families of victims gathered in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and elsewhere. Moments of silence were held in several spots to mark the exact time the tsunami struck, a moment that united the world in grief.