Shanghai stampede victims identified

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Residents lay flowers for victims of a deadly stampede in Shanghai, China, Friday, Jan. 2, 2015. Authorities were still investigating the cause of the stampede that occurred late Wednesday night. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

The identities of 32 of the victims from the deadly Shanghai  stampede that caused 36 deaths were released on Friday by the Shanghai Municipal Government. Meanwhile all 49 injured people have also been confirmed, according to the Shanghai Municipal Government.

So far, 31 people have remained in hospitals for treatment. Among them 13 were seriously wounded with four in critical conditions.

Most of those killed were in their early 20s. Doctors in charge of the rescue work told a CCTV reporter that most of the injured suffered suffocation and visceral organ damage after being trampled, which led to surging pressure on their chests and abdomens.

Several tourists from outside the Chinese mainland were also caught in the chaos, including two from Taiwan and one from Malaysia.

Street vendors, residents, taxi drivers and other witnesses said the city failed to prepare for the massive turnout, which set a new daily record for Shanghai Metro.

Initial reports blamed the stampede on vouchers made to look like American dollars thrown into the crowd, but Shanghai police have denied this.

China Shanghai Stampede

Li Biaojiu holds his daughter Li Na’s phone which displays her picture as he talks about his attempts to see her body after the deadly stampede in Shanghai, China, Friday, Jan. 2, 2015. Li Biaojiu dropped to his knees before the Shanghai municipal government building at 10 p.m. on Jan. 1 and pleaded for four hours before he was finally allowed to see her body. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

Local residents held a candlelight vigil in a makeshift memorial that had been set up at the site of the stampede on Thursday night, one day after the tragedy took place.

Tourists and local residents in Shanghai went to the Chen Yi Square voluntarily to mourn for those killed during the stampede.

The landscape lighting of the landmark buildings located along the banks of the Huangpu River was turned off on Thursday evening. A small section of the Chen Yi Square, where the tragedy happened on the New Year’s Eve, was set up for people to pay their respects. Many people brought flowers and lit up candles laid in the shape of a heart to mourn for the deceased.

“This kind of tragedy should never happen again. It’s so sad. People shouldn’t die so easily, especially the young children. I feel heartbroken when knowing the news,” said a local resident.

On Friday morning, more people visited the memorial section to pay their condolences.

“I came here specially. I feel grieved over their death,” said a local resident.

Tourists and residents also left messages with the flowers they brought to the memorial section, comforting and encouraging the families of the dead.

Report was compiled with information from CCTV News and The Associated Press.


李祥, Li Xiang, male, 25

周孝洋, Zhou Xiaoyang, male, 23

牟滨彬, Mou Binbin, male, 20

陈昌胜, Chen Changsheng, male, 17

都双华, Du Shuanghua, male, 37

顾银丽, Gu Yinli, female, 25

毛勇捷, Mao Yongjie, male, 12

梅贺春, Mei Hechun, male, 19

潘海琴, Pan Haiqin, female, 25

杨圣勇, Yang Shengyong, male, 25

杜宜骏, Du Yijun, female, 21

冯雪倩, Feng Xueqian, female, 22

刘厚军, Liu Houjun, male, 28

吴翠霞, Wu Cuixia, female, 24

潘平, Pan Ping, female, 22

周怡安, Chou Yin’an, female, 23

袁丽拉, Yuan Lila, female, 25

Tan Wei, female, 21 (Tan Wei is a Malaysian citizen whose Chinese name is known as Chen Wei)

邢正巧, Xing Zhengqiao, female, 19

孟燕, Meng Yan, female, 21

罗大丽, Luo Dali, female, 23

吴靖, Wu Jing, male, 34

战洋, Zhan Yang, female, 23

李娜, Li Na, female, 23

张燕, Zhang Yan, female, 21

杨春玉, Yang Chunyu, female, 21

杨佳裴, Yang Jiapei, female, 26

宗呈炜, Zong Chengwei, male, 19

吴姣, Wu Jiao, female, 25

谢璐燕, Xie Luyan, female, 21

俞苗, Yu Miao, female, 19

齐晓嫣, Qi Xiaoyan, female, 21

徐晓君, Xu Xiaojun, female, 21

梁亮, Liang Liang, female, 26

关敬蕾, Guan Jinglei, female, 21