German paper apologizes over fake Charlie Hebdo cover

World Today

The latest edition of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo is wedged in the handle of the casket of Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Bernard Verlhac, known as Tignous, decorated by friends and colleagues during a ceremony at the city hall of Montreuil, outside east of Paris, Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015. Photo: AP

A German newspaper has apologized for mistakenly publishing a fake Charlie Hebdo cover that featured an anti-Semitic cartoon on its front page the day after the French publication was attacked last week.

The daily Berliner Zeitung featured four real Charlie Hebdo covers on its front page Jan. 8, along with a fake one depicting what appears to be an Orthodox Jew making a quip about the Holocaust. The cover carried the name “Charlo Hebdo” — one of the clues it was a fake.

The Berliner Zeitung said Thursday it “failed to recognize that one of the cartoons was a fake” and offered its “profoundest personal apologies for this highly regrettable mistake.”

It said it had posted a correction in Friday’s paper acknowledging that it mistakenly printed an anti-Semitic cartoon.

This story is compiled with information from The Associated Press.