A four-time Olympian champions disabled athletes in Argentina

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A four-time Olympian champions disabled athletes in Argentina

Guillermo Marro is one of Argentina’s finest Olympic athletes. The swimmer has competed in four different Games, winning three Olympic medals. In London 2012, he was awarded with the honor of being the pole bearer for the Argentinian delegation.Born with a congenital disease impaired the use of both his legs, Marro left his small hometown of Pergamino for Buenos Aires to work with a specialist for his dream of becoming a professional swimmer. Being a disabled athlete in Argentina, Marro faced financial difficulties. He said seeing a disable athlete is unlikely and it’s much harder to gain sponsors.

Today, he is part of the swimming squad of the famous Club Atletico River Plate, which has provided a platform to train properly but also have an impact. His face is a common feature in sports magazines and has been in a few covers. He has become a role model for disabled athletes in Argentina, the Lionel Messi of Paralympic athletes.

In 2008, Guillermo set up an organization to help them physically and financially, because he knows just how difficult it can be for people with disabilities to pursue their vocation in a country that lacks the minimal infrastructure or even the adequate incentives. His organization helps athletes through training courses and residence.

Guillermo, who is still training hard to represent his country in his fifth Olympic Games, is this week’s Game Changer.

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