Ratings high for CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Chinese New Year

Ratings high for CCTV Spring Festival Gala

The audience ratings of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, or Chunwan in Chinese, have stayed above 30 percent for years, according to the deputy managing director of CSM media research on the 2015 CCTV Chunwan News Briefing on Monday.

“From 33.2 percent in 2001 to 30.9 percent in 2014, the ratings of Chunwan showed slight fluctuations but no tangible declining trend. It stayed fairly stable,” said Zheng Weidong, the deputy managing director of CSM media research.

As the most-watched TV show on the Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve, CCTV Chunwan remains a hot topic. The 2014 CCTV Chunwan was watched by 900 million people.

“The statistics showed that the number of viewers grew from 700 million in 2001 to 900 million in 2014, taking up to 71 percent of the whole population,” said Zheng.

In addition to TV broadcasting, the online broadcast of Chunwan has also seen an increase both in scale and influence year by year. CNTV (China Network TV, the new media arm of CCTV) has formed a coalition with several other major video websites in webcasting Chunwan live through their servers all around world.

“The broadcasting time of Chunwan in 2014 was 266 minutes, with over 56 percent of viewers watching it through the end,” said Zheng.

The total number of online viewers has reached over 100 million for several years, of whom 20 million are real-time online viewers.

Report from CCTV News.