Top political advisors to begin CPPCC meeting on Tuesday


The third session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference or CPPCC will open in Beijing on Tuesday afternoon. A press conference was held on Monday to present the agenda and priorities of the meeting.
Zhang Nini filed this report from Beijing.

China’s annual political meetings are set to start. CPPCC Spokesman, Lyu Xinhua took questions from the media that ranged from the CPPCC’s own team building to SME development and fighting corruption.

The government’s sweeping anti-graft campaign brought down eight corrupt CPPCC members in 2014 including former Vice Chairman Ling Jihua and Su Rong. Lyu said that the government and the general public both have the same resolve in fighting corruption. He also said there was no need to speculate over who the next tiger is that the government will take down.

“I would say the Party, the Government, and the public have adopted the same attitude when it comes to fighting corruption. Overall, in the past year, the CPC made an all out effort and adopted zero tolerance. It has left no stone unturned when it comes to taking down and punishing corrupt officials. I would quote a popular phrase from the internet to say that we are all very Renxing, or resolute in combat corruption,” Lyu said.

Strengthening team building is a key priority of the CPPCC. Lyu also said China’s top political advisers will continue to play their role in political consultation and democratic supervision.

“This year is the first year of China’s effort to comprehensively advance the rule of law. The CPPCC will enhance its mandate of democratic supervision and will conduct supervision and deliver effective results. We will duly reflect the situation and come up with constructive suggestions,” said Lyu.

Lyu said the government will continue to encourage the development of SMEs to adapt to the economic new normal. In terms of environmental protection, he said Beijing will continue to take resolute measures in its bidding for the 2022 winter Olympics and will make all efforts to keep the “Olympic blue ”

As of Monday noon, the CPPCC secretariat has received 945 proposals and 337 scripts of speeches. The members will continue to put forward suggestions throughout the course of the eleven day meeting.

2015 is considered a key year to deepen reform. More decisive policies are needed to counter what could possibly be an even slower economic growth. It will be a formidable mission for China’s lawmakers and political advisors to navigate the country forward