Chinese Premier Li releases wide-ranging goals for China at NPC session


China is trying to keep economic growth while adapting to the new normal of slower speed and higher quality. That’s the message from Premier Li Keqiang, outlining the government’s agenda for the upcoming year at the opening session of the National People’s Congress. Han Bin filed this report from Beijing.


  • This is Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s second work report since taking office. His focus is on reform with economic transformation at the core.
  • China will continue to lower its GDP growth rate to around 7 percent in 2015.
  • 3,000 lawmakers come from all over China for the annual National People’s Congress session.
  • China is looking to change to what is seen as a more sustainable economic growth speed by moving from fast to medium-fast growth.
  • Chinese lawmakers are focusing on breaking up monopolies and interest groups.
  • Also on the agenda are initiatives to fight corruption.
  • Chinese lawmakers are working to keep an eye on environmental issues in urban centers and the countryside.