One More Question for Kiran Bedi: Should the legal system in India be examined?

One More Question

CCTV America’s Shraysi Tandon interviewed Kiran Bedi, an Indian politician, social activist and former U.N. Police Adviser about violence against women and the documentary ‘India’s Daughter’, which is currently banned in India. The interview took place at Barnard’s Global Symposium on March 13.

Tandon asked Bedi whether or not the legal system in India should be examined to evaluate what types of values it’s passing on to the leaders of tomorrow. This was her response:

“Absolutely. This is in evidence for law schools. It’s in evidence for magistrates, for judicial academies. It’s even for communities at large. It’s for men at large. It’s for police training. It’s also for rural areas. It can be taken to very many segments of society. It can even be taken to women. It can even be taken to women to understand how they should be responding to this. So we’ll say, ‘This exists. How should we be responding to this?’ How would you respond? Because after all, remember: they’re mothers, as well. So they need to address this as mothers. What kind of sons are you bringing up?”

“It goes to principles in schools. What kind of students are you grooming? Is this what you taught them? It goes back to education. It goes back to book writers, people who write school books, textbooks. It goes back to, ‘What kind of school books are you writing?’ Where are these mindsets coming from? Home? School? Books? Films? Society? Why need to identify, and then address it as a whole. That’s the world I meant when I said ‘social revolution’.”