Beijing area companies face inspections before forecasted heavy pollution

World Today

(Wikimedia Commons)

Special inspections will be conducted to remove the threat of heavy air pollution which has been forecast to hit northern China in late March, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said on Tuesday.

According to the weather forecast, heavy air pollution is likely to occur in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and surrounding areas amid unfavorable meteorological conditions for atmospheric diffusion.

The inspection will target polluters in the notoriously-polluted region, including the companies’ use of environmentally protective facilities, pollutant emission, and emergency measures to heavily polluted air, Zou Shoumin, director of the environmental supervision bureau under the ministry said.

A total of 10 inspection teams will be dispatched with the help of drones and satellite remote sensing technology, the ministry said, adding local governments will be assessed based on inspection results.

The ministry will maintain heavy-handed policy to harshly punish any violation of regulations on air pollution prevention.

Report from Xinhua.