Fears of impact on tourism industry, economy in Tunisia after attacks

World Today

Tunisia tourism workers are worried that the assault at the Bardo Museum in Tunis last week will negatively impact the tourism industry, just as it was steadily recovering from the turbulence of the 2011 Arab Spring. Last year visitor numbers were close to the pre-revolution level of 7 million tourists and 2015 had appeared on track to be a banner year for tourism until last week’s tragic events.

CCTV’s Kate Parkinson reported this story from Tunis.


  • At least two major cruise ship operators have suspended stopovers in Tunis – dealing a heavy blow to the country’s economy which is heavily dependent on tourism.
  •  After the attack, a social media campaign using the twitter trend of posting signs that read: “I will visit Tunisia this summer” gathered momentum as thousands of people pledged to come here on holiday.