Liberian students return to school after Ebola-related closures

Ebola Outbreak

Liberian students have settled back into the routine of going to school after the government closed all educations establishments for six months over fears of an Ebola contagion. Although most classes have restarted, there are some new things for pupils to get used to.

CCTV Africa’s Katerina Vittozzi reported this story from Monrovia, Liberia.


  • The Liberian government shutdown schools after last year’s summer holidays when Ebola was at its peak.
  • As the number of cases dropped last month, the government allowed schools to reopen only if they followed strict new health and safety rules.
  • The Ministry of Education has readjusted the academic year. The academic year now starts in February and runs until December, with two semesters and a small break in between. The academic calendar had previously run from September to July before the outbreak.