What to expect as the Palestinian state joins the Intl. Criminal Court


History may look back on this time as a critical point in Palestinian-Israeli relations. This is the day the Palestinian Authority officially joined the International Criminal Court. CCTV’s Stephanie Freid filed this report from Hebron.


Palestinian investigators say ICC membership serves as a channel for probing Palestinian transgressions committed against both Palestinians and Israelis.

The aim is said to be transparency on all fronts.

Matthew Brodsky and Phyllis Bennis on the Palestinian state’s entry into the ICC

CCTV America discussed this issue with Matthew Brodsky, a Middle East expert and senior analyst at the analysis firm Wikistrat, and Phyllis Bennis, who directs the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

Nathan Miller, former speechwriter for the Israeli ambassador to UN on the Palestinian state’s entry into the ICC

For an Israeli perspective on the issue, CCTV spoke to Nathan Miller. He is the former speechwriter, Israeli Ambassador to the UN.