A lawyer shines light on systemic femicides in Ciudad Juarez

Americas Now

In Ciudad Juarez, on the border with the U.S., women go missing every week. Some are forced into prostitution and human trafficking, others disappear without leaving trace, and some are found murdered. 


The mystery of the missing women of Juarez has been reported on extensively, shining light on the precarious situation women in this part of Mexico are facing, in terms of gender-based violence, impunity over these types of crimes, and the inability of the federal government to provide a permanent solution.

But a lawyer has made it her life mission to fight back, using her legal skills to help victims and their families find justice. Through her network, she has greatly contributed to getting the government to consider “femicide” a human rights crime. Thanks to her work, the Mexican state was found guilty in three cases, because it hadn’t guaranteed the security, integrity and freedom of the murdered women and their family members. The lawyer’s name is Imelda Marrufo and she is this week’s Game Changer.

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