Washington’s hidden underground station

Americas Now

As the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. is widely known for its architecture. Classical structures like the White House and The U.S. Capitol abound.  But for this week’s Urban Voice, Americas Now visited a site in the city which has a strikingly modern architectural style. It’s not exactly a building, but a place. And you might not know about it because it’s hidden. Underground. It’s located in D.C.’s upscale neighborhood, Dupont Circle.

Julian Hunt is an architect working on designing this urban space. About ten years ago he came across some sealed entrances surrounding Dupont Circle and wondered where they led. What he discovered was a former trolley station located beneath the Circle that was closed in the 1960’s.


Fast forward to today, Hunt is leading an effort to redevelop the station and convert it into a contemporary urban space. Along with his colleague Braulio Agnese, their organization the Arts Coalition for the Dupont Underground, and Destination Crowd Capital, they are raising funds to clean up the site and turn it into a cultural center to be used by artists and the public. A part of it will feature retail space as well, and the Arts Coalition has been engaged in conversations with several retail enterprises.

One potential partnership is with The Dupont Circle Hotel, home to the upscale watering hole, Bar Dupont. The Hotel has discussed the possibility of extending the space and bar into the underground space, or perhaps even doing something inventive with their Spa.

Take a look at this week’s Urban Voice. It may make you look at D.C. in a new dimension.

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