Chinese workers stranded at Nepal hydropower station return home

World Today

Nearly half of the 253 Chinese workers who were left stranded at a hydro-power station in Nepal have returned home.

CCTV’s Yang Zhao filed this report on their extraordinary story of survival.


  • Rasuwagadhi hydropower station near the China-Nepal border was home to 255 Chinese workers. All were working to build it, but then the earthquake struck.
  • Two workers died as a result of the quake. The remaining 253 workers were stranded in that location, some 67 kilometers from the epicenter of Saturday’s quake, with only food and water for two days. All roads leading to the dam were cut off.
  • Aware of their plight, Chinese authorities dispatched helicopters to rescue them. By Tuesday, all had been airlifted to safety in Tibet.
  • Just 122 workers arrived back home on Saturday. The remaining 131 workers will return in the coming days.