Chinese company shows off high speed train at Milan Expo

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High-speed train CRH 380A.High-speed train CRH 380A.

China’s high speed bullet train has made its debut at the Milan Expo 2015, and it’s been a hit with many visitors to the festival.

The bullet train CRH 380A (China Railway High-speed), developed by China’s biggest train maker, China South Railway Corporation, is being presented at the ongoing expo that runs until the end of October.

The six-month long global exposition expects to have over 20 million visitors and more than 140 participating countries to show their best of technology. The high speed train is considered China’s highlight model.

High-speed train CRH 380A.

High-speed train CRH 380A.

High-speed train CRH 380A.

High-speed train CRH 380A.

During its test run, the train reached speeds of up to 486.1 kilometers (302 miles) per hour, the fastest in world history. Meanwhile its highest operating speed is 380 kilometers (236 miles) per hour.
According to CSR, the train has operated safely for over 300 million kilometers.

The operational length of railway in the Chinese mainland reached more than 16,000 kilometers by the end of 2014, with more than 10,000 kilometers of railway under construction. CSR has also established talks with more than 50 countries on railway projects.

Many other Chinese companies are also participating in the Milan expo as exhibitors, such as property giant Vanke, liquor giant Wuliangye, and steel producing giant Baosteel.

Story from CCTV News.