Police hold ten people suspected of hunting giant panda

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Photo by CCTV News.

Police in southwest China’s Yunnan province have detained 10 people suspected of killing, selling, and buying a giant panda.

Authorities said that on Dec. 3, 2014, two brothers surnamed Wang in Zhaotong city, claimed that several sheep on their farm had been killed by a wild animal.

The brothers took a hunting dog and rifle and went to the mountains in search of it and when they saw an animal in a tree, fired at it. When the animal fell, they discovered it was a giant panda.

The panda was injured, but climbed another tree to escape. The brothers fired at it again, killing the panda.

Police began investigating the case after 35 kilograms (77 pounds) of panda meat and four paws were sold for 4,800 RMB ($774) to a buyer.

Their investigation led them to the brothers’ farm where they also found 9.75 kilograms (21.5 pounds), of animal remains, including two thigh bones, two pieces of skull and one gall bladder. They also found two rifles.

Authorities tested the DNA of the remains twice and concluded that it was from a female giant panda, said Shi Qin, director of technology for the Yunnan province forest police.

In addition to the brothers, police have also detained the buyer and 7 others involved in the sale of the panda.

Giant pandas are a nationally protected animal in China. Under Chinese law, anyone involved in hunting or selling giant pandas can face criminal offenses.

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Story translated from CCTV News.