US airlines expand intl flights, attract customers

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In the U.S. and Europe, a growing number of low-cost air carriers are offering more flights to international destinations at competitive prices as a way to lure customers. CCTV’s Ginger Vaughn filed this report from Houston, Texas in the U.S.


  • Airlines are looking beyond domestic borders to attract new customers. This has low-cost carriers offering better prices and more options at smaller airports.
  • In an effort to court airlines who want to fly abroad and the money that brings in, Houston is shelling out nearly three billion dollars to rebuild an international terminal at George Bush International Airport.
  • U.S. carrier, Spirit Airlines, is one of several U.S. airlines aggressively expanding its international service. This month, it will begin its first foreign flying from Houston to seven destinations in Mexico and Central America.

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Source: Airlines for America

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