Strict monitoring in place for national college entrance exams

World Today

High school students across China are taking their national college entrance exams (gaokao) from Saturday to Monday. Meticulous monitoring measures have been implemented in every exam hall, and in particular, Guangdong province has put in place its strictest guidelines yet. CCTV’s Li Yang filed this report.


  • In Guangdong province’s 25,000 exam rooms, more than 745,000 students are sitting through two-days of testing.
  • This year the number of registered candidates is about 2,000 less than last year.
  • The admission rate for top universities was a mere eight percent last year.

Wang Yan on China’s college entrance exams

For more on China’s college entrance exams, CCTV’s Susan Roberts spoke to Wang Yan from Beijing. Wang is a senior specialist and coordinator of international programs at the Chinese Institute of Education Sciences.