Suspect dead after attack on Dallas police headquarters

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A resident walks his dog past police blocking the road near Dallas Police headquarters, Saturday, June 13, 2015, in Dallas. Police Chief David Brown says a police sniper has shot the suspect in an overnight attack on police headquarters and that the department is checking to see if he’s still alive. Brown says investigators believe the man acted alone in the early-morning attack on Dallas police headquarters, despite early witness reports that others may have taken part. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

A man suspected of spraying Dallas Police Headquarters with gunfire early on Saturday has been found dead in a van after a police sniper shot him and pipe bombs found in the vehicle were exploded, a police spokesman said.

Authorities said it was remarkable that no one else was killed or injured in the attack, which left the headquarters and police vehicles nearby riddled with bullet holes.

Dallas Police Spokesman Maj. Max Geron posted on the department’s Twitter account that the suspect was found dead in the vehicle but said the man’s identity could not be confirmed pending medical examination.

The police sniper shot the suspect following a standoff of several hours in a restaurant parking lot in the suburb of Hutchins, where he had fled.

Investigators found a package containing pipe bombs in the parking lot of the headquarters building and the suspect told police negotiators that he had explosives in the van, police said. Police used a camera-equipped robot to inspect the vehicle.

When authorities exploded the pipe bombs, they contained lots of shrapnel including screws and nails, Geron said.

Investigators believe the man acted alone, even though early witness reports suggested there could have been as many as four attackers.

Cellphone video shot from a balcony or roof near the headquarters building showed the suspect’s dark-colored van ram a squad car as gunshots rang out.

Bullets pierced the glass of the headquarters entrance and caused damage inside, including at the front desk, where the employee on duty had gone to get a soft drink immediately before the bullets started flying, police said.

Police Chief David Brown said the suspect had identified himself as James Boulware and told police that he blamed them for losing custody of his son and “accusing him of being a terrorist.”

Investigators were still not sure of his name, adding that he could have been lying earlier.

Report by Associated Press.