Khorgas: From border town to rising trade center

One Belt One Road

Khorgas is China’s youngest city. It was officially established in 2014, after President Xi Jinping announced the Silk Road Economic Belt initiative. Since then, the city has seen the emergence of unprecedented opportunities, both for locals and migrants from China’s eastern provinces, looking to strike gold. In this episode of Silk Road Journey Xinjiang, CCTV’s Han Peng visited the new boom town to see what changes are taking place.

Southern Xinjiang eyes e-commerce

In the remote areas of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, there are abundant farm products, especially fruits in southern Xinjiang. But sometimes it’s too complicated to get the product to market. While China is reviving the ancient Silk Road trading route, information technology infrastructure is still a big need in Xinjiang. CCTV’s Wu Guoxiu reports filed this report from southern Xinjiang’s Aksu prefecture.