Silk Road Journey Xinjiang: Uyghurs hope stability will bring growth in tourism

Chinese Culture

Kashgar, located in southern Xinjiang, suffered a lot from terrorist attacks last year. Due to its intense situation, fewer tourists visited this city. As President Xi is reviving the Silk Road, Uyghurs wish Kashgar will become a popular destination.CCTV-America’s Han Peng filed the reports from Kashgar, Xinjiang.


  • Xinjiang’s tourism authorities say that in the first quarter of this year, there has been a rebound in several key figures. Official data show that Xinjiang received over 7 million domestic visitors from January to April, up by nearly 10 percent from the same period last year.
  • Over 250,000 overseas tourists came to Xinjiang, up by around 7 percent.

Akhal-Teke horses become booming business

Akhal-Teke horses are national treasures of Turkmenistan. There are only three thousand of them in the world. Last year, President Xi Jinping received one as a gift from Turkmenistan’s President. It’s symbolic of the boom in horse trading along the Silk Road Economic Belt.
CCTV-America’s Wu Guoxiu and Han Peng filed the report from Urumqi and Khorgas respectively.