The best and worst of China’s urban annual salary report

World Today

(Photo: Japanexperterna / Flickr)

New data has been released by statistics departments in 20 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions around China, listing annual salaries of urban workers in 2014.


Beijing ranks No. 1 with an average annual salary of 102,268 yuan ($16,475) in non-private sectors. That’s more than double the average salary in Henan, which bottoms the list at 42,179 yuan ($6,792). Following Beijing is Zhejiang Province at an average 61,572 yuan ($9,919).


Based on the statistics available, non-private sector employees were rewarded better in general than those in private sectors, though some of the 20 areas haven’t released the income levels within private organizations.

As far as the private sector, Beijing again topped the list with its industry workers earning an average income of 52,902 yuan ($8,522), while Jilin Province in northeast China ranked last with 26,140 yuan ($4,211).

But the numbers haven’t gone down well among Chinese net users, with many doubting the accuracy of the data:

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