Four Americans try Chinese liquor for the first time

Chinese Culture

China liquorsBar manager Robin Miller creates a cocktail made from a Chinese grain liquor, cucumber, and ginger.

What happens when you mix four Americans and three Chinese liquors? To answer that, three CCTV America employees took an an epicurean cocktail tour of three Chinese liquors, guided by bar manager Robin Miller at Casa Luca restaurant. All four were new to the spirits.

It’s pretty difficult, if not impossible, to find Chinese wine in America. But what many may not know is the long history of Chinese spirits — which are quite a bit easier to get in the states.

Photojournalist Joel Witte captured CCTV America staffers Aja Hogg, Matt Simon and Elizabeth Shell as they sampled the new tastes.

They tasted Red Star, Wu Liang Ye and Kao Liang Chiew.  Watch their reactions in this video.


Trying Chinese liquor