Backpacking the world with a purpose

Reporter's Notebook

Clemens SehiClemens Sehi in Jordan. Image:

Traveling has always been a passion of Clemens Sehi, but now he does it with a purpose. Elmira Jafari talked to him about his backpack treks.

Traveling to over 35 countries, his mission is to bring awareness and shed negative stereotypes — especially towards countries that can often have negative stereotypes in the West, like Iran.
He visited that country twice, backpacking across it for three weeks. What he said he loved most was the Persian hospitality.

While working as an advertising writer, he started the website anekdotique, referring to those special moments many of us experience while traveling.

Sharing his journey virtually, he writes about the largest fish market in Japan, must-see spots in Beijing, and hitchhiking through the West Bank.

His next stop is Ecuador. His advice for the rest of us? “Pick a destination. Hit the road and immerse yourself in awesomeness.”