Syrian refugee camp becomes settlement

Refugee and Migrant Crisis

Over the past three years, around 630,000 Syrians have fled the violence in their country to neighboring Jordan. Though most live in poverty in cities, many have found refuge in camps. The largest of these camps was set up near the Syrian border in late July 2012. Today, the 80,000 residents there have turned it into a quasi town with a feel of permanence.
CCTV’s Quentin Vigne filed this report.

More details:

  • The camp manager of the UN High Commission for Refugees says that with no way of knowing when they will return home, the refugees have “created a sense of normalcy” there.
  • Over the years, refugees may have found a sense of normalcy in Zaatari camp, but every day, they continue to dream of only thing: a return to their original home.