Afghanistan needs reliable heath care facilities

World Today

Yes, health care in Afghanistan has undeniably improved since the Taliban regime was toppled 13 years ago; but many of these facilities are at risk as international military forces pull out of the country and aid organizations scale back their efforts.
The Afghan Public Health Ministry estimates that there are now well over 2000 health facilities across the country, compared with about 500 in 2002. This, as the security situation worsens across Afghanistan and the need for reliable healthcare facilities increases.
CCTV’s Natalie Carney filed this report from Kabul.
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More details:

  • Health care in Afghanistan has never been so critical. As the security situation deteriorates more and more people are in need of dedicated trauma care.
  • State-run facilities struggle to supply even rudimentary health care as insecurity and limited resources challenge the system.
  • Hospitals have also been targeted in the ongoing violence.
  • While millions of donor dollars have been pumped in to help support Afghanistan’s ailing health care system, an investigation found much of those dollars were being spent on facilities that don’t even exist.