Jackie Chan’s latest film ‘Dragon Blade’ to open in US

World Today

After earning over $115 million at the box office in China since its release in February this year, Kung Fu star Jackie Chan’s latest offering, Dragon Blade, is set to hit screens in the United States in September.


The historical action film, set in 48 B.C., tells the story of Huo An (played by Chan), a commander during the Han Dynasty, whose forces partner with Roman soldiers to protect the ancient Silk Road.

Chan is hoping that the movie will not only show fans his broad acting range but also contribute to the discourse on conflicts and peace around the world.


“It’s about peace. Everything is about peace. Especially these days – Japan, China, India and America, the kinds of things have happened, so it is about time to make a movie to show the world…I think everybody has a responsibility to do something for peace,” said Chan, in to CCTV News.

The mega project, made with a budget of $65 millions, also stars Hollywood stars including Adrien Brody and John Cusack, both of whom had to go through a rigorous training routine to get ready for their roles.

While the challenge for them was to adapt to the martial arts style of combat, for Chan, the questions were about managing the intensity of the fight sequences at the age of 61.

“If Stallone and Schwarzenegger can fight, I still can fight,” he said dismissing any concerns of age limiting him, while adding, “of course, I need some doubles, special effects and camera angles to help me do all the action.”

Story by CCTV News