Typhoon Soudelor: Earth’s strongest storm in 2015

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A U.S. satellite shows the rate of rain in Typhoon Soudelor on August 6. The heaviest rain was falling at a rate of close to 70 mm (2.4 inches) per hour in a strong thunderstorm band southwest of the center. NASA/GPM

Typhoon Soudelor made landfall in Hualien City on the island of Taiwan according to China’s National Meteorological Center.

China’s weather service is now issuing updates on the storm every hour.

Mark Elliott of The Weather Channel on Typhoon Soudelor’s approach

Mark Elliott of The Weather Channel describes latest on Typhoon Soudelor

Mark Elliott of The Weather Channel discusses the latest on Typhoon Soudelor, which is beginning to strengthen as it approaches its first of two landfalls in China.


China’s National Meteorological Administration is issuing updates on Typhoon Soudelor every hour. This is what the track looked like on approach to Taiwan.

When Typhoon Soudelor hits the Chinese mainland it will be a weaker storm, according to the U.S.-based Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

Tracking Typhoon Soudelor

The latest on Typhoon Soudelor