One more question for Christina Paxson about staying on top

One More Question

CCTV-America’s Shraysi Tandon interviewed Christina Paxson, president of Brown University about leadership in the academic world and asked her one more question about how leaders who succeed, especially women, can stay at the top. Here’s what she said:

“Staying on top of the game means a lot of things. One that I think about a lot about is building a strong leadership team. When you are in charge of a large organization you cannot do it all by yourself,” Paxson said. “You are setting a direction and marching forward but there has to be a group of people who were actually there making things happen. So one thing, I think a lot about is who is around me, cultivating their skills and making sure we are really clicking together in a collaborative fashion.”

“The other thing is to be attuned to and in good communication with the people who ultimately employ you, in my case, that is my board. They are wonderful people, who are very passionate about the university… making sure that they know what I am doing and are comfortable with my direction and that I can explain to them why I am doing what I am doing. Those are really good things,” Paxson added.

“So, maybe it just boils down to good communication.”