Boy miraculously survives waterfall plummet

World Today

Rescuers saved a Chinese boy who had a miraculous escape after he fell into a raging river and was swept over a 16 meter (52 foot) waterfall while playing with friends, mainland media reports.

The unnamed youngster, from Weining county, managed to catch hold of a jutting rock as he plummeted halfway down the waterfall at about 3pm last Sunday in the mountainous region near the city of Bijie, in the southwest province of Guizhou, news portal reported.

He was then able to pull himself up onto a small ledge and wait for help.

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Calls to the emergency services then alerted the police.

The boy had been trying to jump across the river while playing with friends, but fell into the water and was then swept over the waterfall.

At least 10 local police officials and local residents helped to save the boy.

One rescuer was lowered by rope over the edge of the waterfall down to where the child was waiting and then tied himself to the child and they were both pulled up to safety.

The report did not give further details about the age of the boy, or whether he had sustained any injuries.

South China Morning Post