Overseas Chinese play role in V-Day 70th anniversary

World Today

While people in China are busy preparing for the upcoming military parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII, overseas Chinese communities are also commemorating the anniversary by organizing activities back home.


Florence Fang, co-founder of the World War Two Pacific Memorial Hall in San Francisco said on Tuesday that they’ve organized exhibitions to highlight the horrors of war and the heroism of Chinese and American soldiers.

“We organized exhibitions showing how China and the U.S. fought side by side against fascism during the war. And I donated to Flying Tiger Historical Organization a vintage plane which was flown by the flying tigers across the Hump during the war,” she said.

Meanwhile, concerts and art shows have been organized overseas to help people outside of China learn more about WWII history and China’s role in the war.

“The Chinese in the United States, especially the younger generations, will get to know the hardships that the veterans went through to fight for peace, and learn to respect and treasure history,” said Zhang Sujiu, President of the Chinese Community Association of the U.S.

Story by CCTV News.

  • Chinese in the United States, especially the younger generations have any chance to learn Chinese aggressions into Vietnam and illegally occupied Tibet and East Turkistan?

  • YiJiun

    Some keep attacking China over this military parade, claiming it is “Anti-Japan”. Wonder if Merkel would personally feel offended over commemoration of victory over Nazi Germany and Hitler…

    Could you even understand what Xi was saying in his message of peace? What war mongering were you talking about, when China neither raped the entire East Asia nor started wars around the globe as a favorite pastime? Why feel personal about commemoration of victory over Far-right militarist aggression, only the first ever in China? Are you in anyway related to Hitler? Perhaps, you should check out some Anti-China free speech in the US presidential election campaign which certainly isn’t about diverting any attention huh?

    Get this! China has been the best performing major economy in the world for more than the past few years now. Who needs to divert attention really? Not Japan? China is the one investing in major development projects around the world, helping develop emerging countries which, along with China, have seen unprecedented economic growth. 🙂