Chinese social media reaction to Victory Day Parade

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China troopsChinese troops march during the V-Day Parade, Sept. 3, 2015. (Photo: CFP)

As Beijing enters the final stages of preparation for the Victory Day Parade Thursday, those interacting on Chinese social media seem enthusiastic about the buzz created by the big event.

Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform served as one of the main sounding boards for opinions and views for Mandarin speakers online.

The big event is meant to mark China’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

A buzz-worthy post

This message was posted on Weibo and has been re-posted A LOT. Check it out:

* “The military parade will be staged on this Thursday. It is suggested to read some more books and be a bit more literate so that you can use such adjectives as “astonishing”, “magnificent”, “mighty”, “majestic” and “phenomenal” when you are watching the spectacular scene.”Nixelect


In additional to Weibo personal users, some authorized accounts posted related introductory stories and photo galleries for interaction with followers. It’s a way to mark the upcoming Victory Parade and get people more involved:

* “【Chinese veteran who has been invited to watch the V-Parade on the spot: I will pay my tribute to Tiananmen Square】Today, 88-year-old Chinese veteran Li Xiushan will depart from Qingdao, Shandong Province to Beijing on invitation to observe the V-Parade that celebrates the 70th anniversary of the victory of Anti-Japanese War on September 3rd on the spot. Posts attached below are a real portrayal of his military life as well as an eyewitness to history.”Qingdao Travel and Tourism Administration


* “【Do you know the archetypal character of the movie Landmine Warfare or Railway Guerrilla?】They are not only the archetypal characters of Chinese Anti-Japanese TV drama, but also some everyday heroes around us. They are the epitome of thousands of Chinese veterans. Today, some of the archetypal characters are still alive, who will join the veteran formation in vehicles during the Victory Parade on September 3rd and will be greeted by applause and respects from the nation and its people. The pictures and stories below are a brief introduction of those Anti-Japanese TV dramas and their according leading characters.”PLA Daily


Here is some of the other online chatter that Weibo users have shared on what they think of the V-Day Parade:

* “As a policeman, all my colleagues and I will be on duty for security and protection. Hope everybody can be relieved to watch the parade. Looking forward to the rebroadcasting of V-Day parade.”Royal Magician Longxiaoguai

* “I am honored to rejoice in your honor to be a member of the parade formation. The very thought of you being a member among tomorrow’s parade formation lifts my mood.”Ningpeng Lemon

* “With five thousand years of splendid civilization deeply rooted in this land, China awakened from sufferings and rose after crises. Today, it is not the same country as it used to be. 70 years ago, as one of the allies during the World Anti-fascist War, China has made great contributions to the victory of WWII. We have to face up to history, respect history and not abuse military forces or premeditate war. A rising and powerful China will always be the backbone of world peace. Cheers for the motherland and may long live the nation.”Songguoguozhen

* “The Abe-led mean and hooligan JP politicians are so cheeky that they attempt to distort and deny those anti-human crimes committed by their ancestors in the WW-2, which justifies the necessity of holding the military parade to remember history and be embattled for emergency.”ramonhh

* “These photos were taken three days ago by myself, I am so proud of the incoming military parade which is going to happen in my motherland and also wish the show would get succeed for next ten hours. Good luck China, embracing it!” Monsieur_Fontainebleau

* “Nothing to say except excitement in my heart, looking forward to tomorrow’s army parade for national victory of WWII.” Eric_ViVi

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