Tianjin details compensation for firefighters’ families

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Each family of the firefighters who died during the Tianjin warehouse explosions will receive 2.3 million yuan ($360,000) in compensation, local authorities said on Thursday.

Of the total amount, 940,000 yuan ($147,000) is a “martyrdom payment,” while the rest is 30 times the average annual urban salary, according to the civil affairs department of the Binhai New Area where the explosions occurred.


However there has been criticism that the large compensation agreement is an attempt by authorities to pacify the public after questions were raised over whether poorly trained firefighters contributed to the strength of the blasts. The standard compensation for accident victims in China is usually 20 times the average salary.

Tianjin details compensation for firefighters' families

A total of 164 people including 97 firefighters and 11 police officers were killed in the blasts, while hundreds of people remain in hospital.

The firefighters were posthumously accepted as martyrs, and a monument will be built on the site of the blasts in memory of those who lost their lives.

Apart from the pensions granted to the firefighters’ families, local government officials say they plan to repurchase any damaged houses at a price of 1.3 times the original price purchasing price.