Empowering the poor in Mexico by teaching them self-help

Americas Now

Mexican women learning business skills.

Dr. Susan Pick is a social psychologist who has used her expertise to change the behavior of Mexico’s marginalized. By teaching them what she calls “life skills,” she helps boost their feelings of self-worth and enhance their problem-solving abilities.

Without skills and knowledge the opportunities for those with little means are limited. They are also dependent on the government and others to solve their problems.

Dr. Pick’s instruction assists them in handling their finances and helps them learn tasks that enable them to secure a job.

Inspiration came to Dr. Pick from her German parents who fled war in Europe for safety in Mexico.  Growing up there Susan Pick witnessed the toll of poverty on young people and families.  So she started an institute that provides health education and training programs to try and break the cycle of hardship.  

Her main initiative called “Yo Quiero, Yo Puedo” or “I want to, I can” has helped 19-million people in 14 different countries.  Dr. Pick has also authored or co-authored close to 300 pieces of work, including articles and children’s books.  Some of her research appears in national textbooks across Mexico. 

Meet this week’s Game Changer Doctor Susan Pick who helps those in need…help themselves. 

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