Workers brave danger to build first fully-transparent glass bridge

World Today

A team of 11 workers are transforming a 300-meter-long (984 feet) wooden bridge into a glass drawbridge that’s 180-meters (591 feet) above the ground, at a national park in south central Hunan province. It will reportedly be the first fully-transparent glass drawbridge in the world.

“Although we are rural workers, our team is proud to work on this drawbridge,” Team Leader Wei Yifu said via The team has been working 12 hours a day to build the bridge.

Worker Yang Guohong said he paves about 10 pieces of glass in one day.

“We promise that the drawbridge we are building is very safe. Even if the glass cracks, the tourists won’t fall,” Yang said.

In it’s unfinished state, workers have faced severe shaking every time they step on the bridge.

Glass skywalks, bridges, and viewing platforms have become a major tourist attraction in China in recent years.

The bridge, which will be named “Haohan Bridge” or “Brave Man Bridge” will be completed before October 1.

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