Dr. Ellsworth Wareham: The secret to living longer

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Retired heart surgeon, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham offers advice on how to live to 100 and beyond.

But whether you’re woman or a man, a healthy lifestyle can lead to a healthy heart and a long life.

Retired heart surgeon, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham, credits his vegan lifestyle for him reaching the age of 100.

“People associate age with wisdom and I think that’s probably unscientific,” says Wareham. “It just so happens that veganism is a very healthy lifestyle.”

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham: The secret to living longer

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham: The secret to living longer

Retired heart surgeon, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham gives his secret for living to 100.

It was only five years ago that Dr. Wareham retired from performing heart surgeries and today he still drives.

“I don’t have any trouble with my joints, my hands are steady, my balance is good, I don’t have to walk with a cane,” explains Wareham. “I’m basically no different than what I was 50 years ago.”

What does it take to reach the century mark? Full Frame contributor Sandra Hughes gives us a glimpse of how making healthy choices has led one man to live longer.

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  • Heather Moore

    Good for him! I went vegan 23 ago and I feel great. I lost excess weight, my cholesterol level went down, and my complexion improved. And I feel especially good knowing that my food choices don’t harm animals or the environment.

  • Alisa Mullins

    When grow up, I want to be Dr. Ellsworth Wareham. 🙂

  • Kim Marie

    So cool! I am a vegan too and can’t wait to reach 100! Thanks for sharing, Dr. Ellsworth!

  • Jennofur OConnor

    Dr. Wareham for President! Kidding aside, this man is an inspiration and a shining example to all. Thanks for everything, Dr. Wareham!

  • Marie Hoffman

    That is another reason I went vegan 27 years ago, you live a lot longer than meat and cheese eaters. My friend Gertrude just turned 96 and she has been vegan for over 40 years. And the animals love vegans too, so they too can just live.

  • steveiam

    Sound advice from one who really IS a professional. I am Vegetarian, and would be Vegan….except, I love cheese, and cannot break that habit.

  • gary fair

    yep, vegan by design!… its the meat n dairy (milk is for baby cows, get almond milk) that clog up your arteries leading to heart attack, stroke, ed, p.a.d. secrets charities will never tell you, see my fb facts!… dont ya jus love them vegan burgers! (hot dogs, brats, pizza, ect!) mmmmMM!….

  • kenny rosaler

    I’ve been a vegan almost a year. I call myself a vegetarian since December 9th, 2004. I was moving more and more toward veganism. The hardest dairy to give up on was pizza..for alot of reasons. I really loved the taste. My anger at the cruel horrble sick perverted demonic treatment of cows out weighed the taste of pizza. It was one of the few meals I could share with my not vegetarian 25 yr old son. I also have recently at SF VegFest discovered the great taste of Mi Yoko cheeses. I am single, 64,quite good loooking, funny, kind, artistic man (singer-songwriter-musician-actor-poet-recording artist)… and a strong vegan advocate and teacher. I played over 3 hours of single tennis tonite and am probably in better shape than more than 80% of men in their 20s! I also look closer to 44 than 64. I was married 23 years, am spiritual ( had 3 relationships since my marriage ended in 2008) I am seriously looking for a partner-soulmate vegan woman to spend the rest of my life with! I pray for this and have been on 4 dating sites. It don’t look too promising. I live in Petaluma, California. I pray with all my heart to find my soulmate woman partner soon! I was referred to this site by author Dr. Will Tuttle, who I consider a true saint, a genius and visionarty