Larry King: Changing health habits

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Larry KingAmerican TV host Larry King discusses becoming a heart disease advocate.

With broadcasting jobs dating back to the 1950s, American television host Larry King has been redefining the art of conversation with memorable interviews. He’s interviewed political leaders, celebrities and more than 50,000 newsmakers from all walks of life.

While many of his guests cite their interview with Larry King as a milestone in their careers, a defining moment in his own life came in 1987 when King suffered a massive heart attack.

“I was a denier,” recalls King. “I smoked three packs a day. The day of my heart attack I stopped smoking and I’ve never smoked again, Feb. 2, 1987. My last cigarette was on the way to the hospital.”

Larry King: Changing health habits

American TV host Larry King discusses becoming a heart disease advocate.

Since then he’s worked to bring awareness to cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment through the Larry King Cardiac Foundation as well as his work on behalf of the American Heart Association.

“Right now, we’re an educational foundation,” says King. “We write pamphlets and I go around and I try to warn people about things to do.”

Larry King sat down with CCTV America’s May Lee, this week’s guest host, in our Los Angeles studios to talk about how he changed his health habits and his career which has given him a global platform as a heart disease advocate.

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