4-year-old boy dies in latest escalator tragedy in China

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4-year-old boy dies in latest escalator tragedy in China

A four-year-old boy in China’s Chongqing Municipality lost his life after getting stuck between an escalator and the ground in a subway station on Thursday.

The boy was leaning against the running escalator handrail while playing with a three-year-old girl, when he accidentally fell down and rolled into the narrow space between the escalator and the ground, according to an announcement released by Chongqing Rail Transit.

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Subway staff soon stopped the escalator and attempted to rescue the boy, but he died after reaching hospital, having suffered extreme pressure to his chest.

The two children were reportedly left alone by the boy’s mother, who was occupied with other matters, according to the announcement.

4-year-old boy dies in latest escalator tragedy in China

The mishap has sparked heated discussions on Chinese social platforms, with many calling for more responsibilities from parents over their children, especially in public places.

“The mother should take full responsibility. Such careless parents shouldn’t even have the right to raise a child at all,” commented @FanfanfanrongEric.

“The escalator is not to blame in this accident. Some parents are just too careless that their children may die even if they were just left on a cotton pile!” @Luanhongruyutaba

“The mother shouldn’t have left the children alone in a public place. Wasn’t she afraid of them getting lost or being taken away by human traffickers? Is there really a need to hang a ‘Please take care of your own children’ sign near the escalator? Shouldn’t taking care of their own children be common sense for parents?” @Niumeili-HUHU