Marina DeBris: Protecting beaches

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Marina DeBrisArtist Marina DeBris collects beach trash and turns it into wearable art.

Human behavior has a lasting impact on our oceans. A study published in the journal Science in 2014 reported that eight million metric tons of human-generated plastic waste makes its way into the world’s oceans every year.

Artist Marina DeBris grew up near some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. When she moved to Venice Beach, California, she was horrified by the conditions of the beaches in and around Los Angeles. She began collecting trash on her daily visits to the shoreline, in an effort to help cleanup.

“Ever since I started collecting trash, I’ve had a hard time just enjoying the gorgeous ocean,” says Marina.

Marina DeBris: Protecting beaches

Artist Marina DeBris turns beach pollution into works of art.

She soon realized there was a way to reuse the discarded items.

“I started collecting it in my garage and it just sort of happened one day I can’t even explain or remember it,” explains Marina.

Full Frame contributor Sandra Hughes shows us how this pollution is being reborn as art.