Philippe Cousteau, Jr: Protecting oceans

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Philippe Cousteau, Jr.Environmentalist Philippe Cousteau, Jr. discusses the threats to our oceans.

Our oceans cover about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and are among the most beautiful, mysterious and diverse ecosystems on the planet.

Unfortunately, due to pollution generated mostly on land, the ocean’s health is in danger.

“The greatest destruction of our environment, in general, is all post WWII,” recalled environmentalist Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

As part of one of the most legendary families in deep-sea diving and exploration, the Cousteau family has devoted three generations to combating threats to the health of the world’s oceans.

Philippe Cousteau, Jr.: Protecting oceans

Environmentalist Philippe Cousteau, Jr talks about threats to our oceans.

Like his father and grandfather before him, Philippe is a gifted storyteller and, a television host, author, environmentalist, and social entrepreneur.

Continuing his family’s legacy, he co-founded EarthEcho International in 2000. He’s made it his life’s work to educate and inspire young people, around the globe, to take action in restoring and protecting the future of our oceans.

“Every time we learn something new, we’re realizing ‘Oh my God, it’s worse than we thought,’” says Philippe.

Mike Walter recently sat down with Philippe Cousteau, Jr. at the 2015 Aspen Ideas Festival to talk about the dire threats to our oceans and the far-reaching impact of his family’s life work.